Oh No! They Installed MacOS 8 on My Windows Box

Found an interesting link today. Until I clicked on it...


Suddenly, my Internet Explorer window is filled with running text telling me that "macsetup" has been downloaded, windows files removed from my hard drive, and the computer is rebooting for a change... A few seconds later, my screen comes up with the blue-smiley-face logo with a booting progress bar. Then a desktop with purple background, a few icons, a white menu bar at the top of the screen, and a little apple logo with colourful strips. Apple, colourful strips, ... Aaarrgghhh! It is an MAC! Clicking on that apple logo reveals a dialog box saying "Mac OS computer" with MacOS 8.1. What have they done to my Windoze 2000!

Well, not really. Then I realised that it is just a DHTML web page that simulates MacOS 8.1 interface, and it is actually quite usable. It comes with a trash can (with Windows in the bin), a working memory game, drag'n'dropable icons, etc. Very interesting and very well done.

Actually, I don't mind if they can really transform my Windows notebook PC to run MacOSX :)