Northwest Unlink - The Fastest Way to Lose Business

In an earlier Slashdot story this month, "SDF Punted, Due to DDOS", the long running Unix public access system, SDF (abbr for Super Dimension Fortress, of an '80s Japanese anime), had their service disconnected by their ex-provider NWLink. The cause of the disconnection? Because of the repeating DDoS attack in January and early February that also brought NWLink's network to its knees. However, instead of giving 15 days notice of termination of service, NWLink cuts the pipes to SDF immediately without any notification, leaving hundreds (or thousands) or SDF users without access for days.

And I was a victim as well. I have been their ARPA member for more than a year now, and I have always been impressed by the systems smj has set up together. When I first joined it was on x86 boxes with Linux, but now it has multiple dual processor Alpha boxes running NetBSD 1.5/1.6. Even though I don't really use SDF much for hosting web pages, but I still enjoying learning things about NetBSD on it.

If you like to have a shell account on a real hardware (Alpha boxes) and a real OS (NetBSD), you can get yourself one:


And then type 'new' to create a new account.

Btw, someone in SDF sets up a new website called Northwest Unlink in response to Northwest's uninformed termination of service. It is meant to be parody site instead of an attack against NWLink. Have fun!