MovableType 2.6 Has Been Released

MovableType 2.6 has just been released with 70+ changes. The full changelog can be seen here. Some of the highlights are:

  • Text formatting options. Not just whether turning on converting the breaks, but also allows plug-ins for text formatting so you can have independent formatting options for each article/post. I will be waiting for the Wiki text formatting plugin to be released soon for really quick blogs.
  • Sanitize plugin by Brad Choate has now been incorporated by default for some of the tags. It helps the site to turn on HTML commenting yet not worrying visitors putting in illegal tags.
  • Still on comments - now you can close an article from commenting, yet still retain all the old comments still in it. No longer all or nothing.
  • Lots of other changes and fixes.

I might try to download it to see whether it can be easily upgraded from 2.51 installations.