John Howard's Plasma TV

I read a news article on the Sydney Mornin Herald this morning - Howard has a TV too - talking about how Australia's PM, John Howard, has borrowed a digital plasma TV from Telstra. More interestingly is the story about Senator Richard Alston, who also borrowed one digital TV from Telstra. His reason being - he does not want to be accused being ignorant on the digital TV technology. However, everyone in the Australian broadband community would know, Alston has been mocked as being ignorant for all kinds of technologies. Anyway, then the Labor stepped up to accuse the PM and Senator on their potential abuses of their minister power. But their spokesmen said those digital TV's will be returned in the "near future".

Oh C'mon. Such a tiny matter why is it appear on the index page of the SM website? It reminds me of the Taiwanese TV news programs that always report things that do not really matter (to me anyway). In my brother's place when he has a satellite dish that can receive Taiwanese TV broadcasting, I saw this news comparing mobile phone ring tones of different politicians - in the 7 o'clock news!

Anyway. Digital TV? Pointless news report? I remain TV-less for 8 years now at home, and I don't miss much...