EveryDNS Is Under DDoS Attack

The saga continues from the story yesterday...

Last night at around 10'ish, I thought EveryDNS has already been fixed because I can now see their website and use their web interface to modify my DNS configuration. I woke up this morning, and found some of my spooled emails still cannot be sent because source domain cannot be verified. Resolving names is a bit sluggish as well. Wondering what has actually happened, I tried to log onto the EveryDNS website, and saw it redirecting to another website. What appears in front of my eyes is not the usual EveryDNS web interface, but a weblog describing what has been happening to it since yesterday... And the first entry reads:

Everydns.net is currently suffering a large scale DDoS against all of its nameservers. Our upstream providers are working hard to correct the problem. We apologize for the outage and are working hard to come back online..

This is truly disturbing. I don't see why people want to attack free services. I don't really understand the hacker/cracker culture anyway (maybe I should just call them script kiddies), but the sinfulness of man is clearly shown in these cases. EveryDNS has been providing free domain name services to the Internet community for the past two years. Because of their generosity, many individuals can host their domains without paying big bucks to the commercial providers. I believe that the cost of running EveryDNS, on a dedicated box linked to a fast pipe, would cost David U. quite a bit, who only takes donations to cover the cost. Yet many people benefit from it without contributing anything...

The same can be said to the SDF incident which I mentioned in another blog entry. The same can be said to Steve J. who is running SDF. Last year along it would cost him somewhere around USD$2,500 every 3 months just to host the service in an ISP, plus the cost of hardware (they are all expensive Alpha boxes) and time and effort to keep it running. Yet someone who thinks highly of his/her own ego, would stir up a DDoS attack against someone who pours out so much to the community for free. It is disgusting.

Finally, I do hope EveryDNS recovers soon. The advancement of Internet counts on many people who contribute sacrificially.