EveryDNS Goes Under the Water Today

At the point of writing, the Domain Name Service provider that I have put my (nearly) 100% trust on is off-line today. EveryDNS can no longer be reached after abut 11:00am AEST. Not only the website is down, it also brought down all the domains hosted with it. In my case, that will be all three of my most used domains - yang.id.au, focus-unsw.org and focuser.net. I found it out when I was at work, but I cannot go and collect my mails. However, I still have a running SSH session connected back home! Then I tried to resolve the names... D'oh. None of them works. This is very strange because I thought EveryDNS has 4 independent name server boxes - but how come all of them fail at the same time?!

I have immediately signed myself up on other free DNS providers, created a primary zone there, migrated some of the zone information, and then tried to get the name registrars to point to the new NS. Very troublesome, and I don't know how many emails I have lost in this disaster... :(

I do hope EveryDNS comes back up soon. But I think I will not put all my eggs in the same basket again.

And another d'oh! I can't post this blog entry because the name cannot be resolved. Aaarrgghhh! Updated On 26 Feb 2003 at 04:06pm - 5 hours have passed, and EveryDNS is still dead. Namescout will not let me changing the DNS, because it keeps on telling me that there are some errors. :( I've got other domains on GoDaddy to point to a new name server, but I don't think they will be effective until tomorrow. I am pinging ns1.everydns.net every 30 seconds, and every now and then I got a packet back. It is possible that somewhere along the way is stuffed - a dead router for example. We'll see...

Update On 26 Feb 2003 at 23:26pm - Finally the EveryDNS website is resolvable and working. There is no news item on the website so I have no idea about what went wrong. Some ISP's still have cached entries so they continue to reject my out-bound emails. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon.

Update On 27 Feb 2003 at 10:49am - It appears that EveryDNS is suffering under DDoS attack. I have to my thoughts on another blog here.