New PowerBook G4 Announced

Apple has announced two new PowerBook G4s - a 12" PowerBook and a 17" PowerBook. I am particular interested in the 12" version because it seems to be a powerful little box, as a G4 version of the popular iBook. It has the same screen size and resolution as the iBook - 1024x768, but it is a little bit lighter @ 2.1kg. Moreover, it is powered by 867Mhz G4 with Velocity Engine, featuring a GeForce4 420 Go video chip, optional 802.11g wireless interface (AirPort Extreme), built-in Bluetooth connection, etc - at base price of $3995 Australian dollar. Sweet.

While I am still thinking of getting an iBook (being thinking of that for 18 months now - have not yet made a move), now I got more choice. At that price it is a bit expensive but I won't deny that it has many more features than iBook which I might not need.

Maybe I will add that to my list of new years resolution - get Switched :)