Blogging in Chinese

Being a Chinese and Mandarin speaker myself, blogging in Chinese should be obvious to me. However, scanning through my previous blog entries reveal none in Chinese. Moreover, when you surf through the Internet, most blog sites that I have come across are in English. While English is probably the official Internet language at the moment, thank you very much the Americans, one of the most used language around the world is still Chinese/Mandarin because of the large population of mainland China. There gotta be some Chinese blogs somewhere...

Then I found this site - 中文 Blog 心得集. Basically it is a meta-blog that has links to other Chinese blogs. It is also a portal sites on Chinese blogging, with lots of articles (in Chinese) about how to blog in Chinese. Most of its bloggers are from mainland China (thus Simplified Chinese in contents), and provided me lots of interesting reading.

Some of the translations of blog terms into Chinese:

Blog - 網誌 Blogger - 博客

Maybe I will post in Chinese every now and then.