Adventures with FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE

Yes. I have finally got FreeBSD installed on my Dell Inspiron 8000. Everything (well, almost everything) works now - it boots, X11 works, sound works, and this time even the CardBus and Xircom RealPort work out of box as well! I've installed KDE 3.0.5 from the CD packages, and then the rest from the port collection. My Inspiron finally has this little demon inside :)

Last night I downloaded both ISO images of FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE, and started installing it this morning. The second CD turns out to be only a live file system, and there are only limited packages in the first CD. It boots from the installation disc, follow the steps to partition the hard drive and then copy over the base distribution. After booting up successfully into the freshly installed FreeBSD system, I run sysinstall again to install X11, KDE 3.0.5 and other utilities. Then I discovered the beauties of port collections, and installed other desktop apps like Mozilla and some Chinese sub-systems that let me telneting to Chinese BBS.

So far FreeBSD impresses me. I am still trying to understand it, and it is certainly difficult for someone who is already familiar with the Linux system to step into an environment that is new and foreign. Getting around the directories, running commands from shell and doing regular stuff is okay for me, but I am no where near the administrator status. I'll try to get as many things installed as possible so that I can play around it in Gold Coast next week. We'll see...