2 Day Trip to Canberra

Just got back to Sydney from Canberra this afternoon, after 3 hours of driving. Tired, exhausted, but quite enjoying this Australia Day long weekend.

Originally we planned to have a MBF trip to the Australian capital, Canberra, on the Australia Day. We are going there to visit some ex-MBF friends who have left Sydney to live in Canberra, and we are staying over in their place for one night, and then coming back to Sydney on the Monday, which is a public holiday. However, some people pulled out because of other commitments, and it ends up only Vivian, I myself and two other MBF girls went. Another thing is the bush fire in ACT on the previous Saturday that burnt down 500+ houses, and many people were too worried to go. However, friends in Canberra claimed that the north Canberra was pretty safe, and it turned out to be the case as well.

It was the first time I drove to Canberra, which is around 280km from Kingsford, Sydney. It was quite a nice drive since there weren't many cars. Jun and Tian's place was great and very relaxing, as they have nearly finished renovating that old house. We also went to the new National Museum of Australia, which is very entertaining (and enlightening). The deal was great as well - zero cost admission. I guess it is one of the benefit of living in the capital city...

Two days do not seem to be enough for Canberra, but I believe I will be there again some time this year.