Yahoo's Christmas Shopping

Sounds like Yahoo is doing their own Christmas shopping this time. Yahoo! is actually acquiring Inktomi, and that is a big news to the webmasters/SEO communities. Yahoo is probably one of the biggest portal site on the Internet, challenged only by MSN I think, where as Inktomi is a pay-for-inclusion search engine company that sells their technology to other big portals, even though they are not hosting the search engine themselves. MSN is also using Inktomi as part of their search suite I think.

This acquisition means that Yahoo! is going to use Inktomi to power their web search, where previously was powered by Inktomi's big rival, Google. While AOL is moving to use Google as their search engine back-end, both MSN and Yahoo opt for Inktomi to power their sites. I think 2003 is going to be an interesting year for the webmasters.

Personally I prefer Google because Inktomi is a pay-for-inclusion company. You can pay for the page 1 spot if you want to be seen, where as Google is probably more unbiased regardless how much you have paid them. Obviously with Google you can get Adwords in Google to have your sites included, but at least the link is distinguished in the result page. It is hard for those who not running commercial sites - I still want myself to be heard, but I cannot afford to pay the search engine companies to include my sites.

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