What does Google say about you?

Found an interesting website today that uses Google - Googlism. Googlism will find out what Google.com thinks of you, your friends or anything. It basically provide you with a text box for input, and then forward the request to Google and then analyse the output to determine what other pages on the Internet say about a certain subject. Not very fancy technology, but certainly interesting.

Therefore I put my name into the magic pot and eagerly waiting for the result...

Googlism for: scott yang

scott yang is his name if you dont already know.

Err. Only one line of result, and it is not really useful, isn't it? To find out exactly why Google spit these comments, I council with Google itself with the following query: "scott yang is", and found the link coming from a document in CSE UNSW that has already going 404. It is the student survey of COMP1021, Computing 1B, which I tutored Java and programming basics in 1998-1999. It has a section which contains students' comments about their tutorial classes, labs and their tutors. And I found this paragraph written about me.

I found my tutor was excellent - he was able to mark everyone and he helped everyone with their problems. He also explained the tutorial problems well (Scott Yang is his name if you dont already know...)

That's a compliment! I really enjoyed tutoring Computing 1B when I was back in uni, and some of the students I got are very smart and willing to learn, which makes the teaching bit quite rewarding. Some students are even Christians, which I still see them every now and then in Christian conferences or MYC, but I think they might all have already graduated by now.

Thank you, to whoever wrote that compliment. And I don't mind teaching Comp1B for another session or 2...