Wanna Buy A Ticket To Heaven?

In my daily meaningless surf on the Internet, I discovered a website that sells a ticket to Heaven. Ticket 2 Heaven Inc. is calling its audiences to "Make a Statement about your commitment to living a lifestyle that ultimately rewards you with your place in Heaven. Let this Symbolic Ticket and Certificate Of Authenticity serve as a constant reminder of what it takes to remain faithful to your beliefs". They are trying to use a small/simple token or ticket to help each person to attain the ultimate state of their own believes. According to my intepretation of their website, whatever the path/belief a person takes to reach heaven does not really matter, but what matters is a person's faith, spirituality and commitment to their lives. What then is their ultimate goal? Ticket to Heaven hopes that this simple token can make a difference in a person's life, and they can gradually make the world a better place (and make a buck at the same time for them). Without getting into my Christian point of view first, I decided that I want to see how his business is going. You can click on the "Registry" link on the website to browse a list of people who have actually purchased the ticket to heaven, and at the time of writing this blog entry, there are already 250 tickets registered. However, quite a few of them at the beginning belong to the Kelly family, who are the owner of ticket2heaven.com according to the WHOIS database. Not bad for selling snake oil at $15 a pop... Doing some googling with the information returned by WHOIS, I also found it is linked to some waste management company in California. Can anyone think of a correlation?

Okay, back to the topic of buying tickets to go to heaven.

First of all, Christians can go to heaven because of God's grace (Ephesians 2:8-9) and it is a gift from God, instead of something that you can earn. It is not because of how good you are, like being a honest person, helping the poor, etc. It is not about how sincere or religious you are either. Being super-spiritual, as the new age movement would like to describe it, cannot earn you an entrance pas to God's presence. What chances do you think the effort of purchasing a $15 dollar ticket can give you? At the same time, God has justified his people and credited them as righteous, i.e. having peace with God, because of their faith, trust and reliance on God, as we can see in Romans 4. Christian God can let someone enter heaven because of his/her trust on Jesus, who have already paid their penalties in full (Colossians 1:13-14).

Moreover, can this scheme, Ticket to Heaven, make this world a better place? Maybe, after you have just made Mr. Kelly a millionaire :) At the end, we know that the root of the problem is in each individual, and the evil comes really from our heart, as Jesus stated in Mark 7:14-15. God has already provided us a solution for that, in the person of Jesus, whom we can trust and be granted the Holy Spirit. When he returns again to judge the world, God is going to re-format this badly damaged world, and we will all be perfect in the new creation. That's the better world that all Christians are hoping and waiting for.

Besides, not all religions are the same. Trusting in Jesus is not the same as trusting in Buddha, and they definitely do not lead to the same place. People of this world put way too much emphasis on their own spirituality, as sincerity is more important than the object that you are sincere in. No matter how sincere I am, my 486 with 8Mb of RAM will still not be able to run Windows XP! I might become a better person if I work hard and commit myself to this life, as that website has suggested. However, I had just became a better sinner, still waiting for the condemnation by God when Jesus returns to judge.

Then, should I look for the ticket to heaven? Yes! Jesus has the answer and he has already paid for that ticket for us. Seek him today...