Some Random Reflection

Well. It is not really a reflection but MovableType insists that there must be a title for each blog element. Well.

It is 1:22am and I am still struggling. I was trying to finish up the pamphlet and program outline for the MBF's Christmas evangelistic event on 21st of December, where we will have some morning tea, some games, some singing, a skit, some bible reading, and then a talk by Luke Wong. We are trying to delegate this time, but I am with my finger crossed - hopefully everyone is getting their parts done. At least for the pamphlet and program outline, I am not really satisfied with the result. Too cartonish I'll say, and pixel fonts are just not suitable for printing. I aim to distribute it today during the bible study, and sounds like I still have a bit of work to do. Why am I blogging here?!

I went to Jonathan and Lika's wedding at St. Matthias yesterday. Andrew Moore is giving a talk from Philippians 2, where Paul encouraged the Philippians to follow the humility of Christ. Andrew then used this to encourage humility in marriage. I saw quite a lot of people who I have not been catching up with - mainly friends from CCC, AABC and FOCUS. That's what happened when you have cross-church weddings.

Time is really flying by. It is getting close to the end of year already, and I still have so many things to do. Put it in the other words - I still have so many things that I want to do. There are quite a few things to do with FOCUS website. The administration pages for forums are still broken, after I hacked too much of Phorum. I still owed Robin his project on - his Australian-wide overseas students fellowship directory project that is still in planning after a year.

I also signed up with Rice Bowl Journals today, trying to get listed in this Asian weblog directory. I am currently at #54 in the pending member list, because they have to manually review and add each member to their database. Not many Asian bloggers in Australia...

Okay. I think it is enough for me. I am going to sleep now.