Server Box Disk Upgrade

At 8:30pm, I've halted the server. Powered down. Unplugged all the cables. Put in a new hard drive. Take out two old hard drives. Power up the upgraded server box. Back on-line. And it is nearly 11:00pm.

Actually it was not that trivial. There was already 3 hard disks in this dual celeron box - a 4.5 years old Quantum Fireball @ 4.3Gb, a 4 years old Quantum Fireball @ 9Gb and a 2.5 years old Maxtor @ 30Gb. After my previous experience , I went to get a 60Gb Seagate Barracuda IV. I did not get the 80Gb version because the price/size ratio still shows that 60Gb drive is probably a better deal. Anyway, I got it from EYO, which might not be the cheapest shop around the town, but it is definitely one of the more professional on-line retailers for PC parts.

At the end, I spent most my time moving contents between partitions so I can remove both the 4.3Gb Quantum and the 30Gb Maxtor. I realised that these hard drives are producing too much heat, and to help my room surviving the hot summer, I will keep just two hard disks in the box. So now I connect the 9Gb drive, hosting the root directory and /var onto PIIX4 IDE0, and the new 60Gb Barracuda, hosting the /home partition, is now connected to CMD648 IDE2. Copying files does take a lot of time, especially copying from half-broken drives. After all the tar and untar, I have to fix up the fstab and lilo.conf to get it to boot the new drives.

It is good that it's all working now. 2 and half hours - hopefully I don't miss too many visitors. I have to go and update my other page about this dual celeron box.