Pirated Two Towers DVD in China

Saw this story on Slashdot this morning, which linked to another article on the CNN website. According to the reporter, "The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers" DVD is already available on the Shanghai street for about $1 a pop. That price sounds right as I spoke to a guy from China that it is about $8 Chinese Yun for a pirated VCD, which is about $1 USD.

It is quite sad. The Two Towers meant to be released on 18 Dec 2002 in US, and will be released on the Boxing Day over here in Australia. I would rather wait for the big screen to come out in cinema than buying crappy quality DVD on the street.

On the other hand, Christians are explicitly told not to steal. It is even in the 10 commandment (Exodus 20:15). Yet we still see pirating software/DVD/music CD common amongst Christians, especially the students who I usually minister with. It's all deep in our sinful nature I guess...

Update 20 December 2002: I am quite surprised by the number of people landing on this page searching for things like "Two Towers Pirated DVD" or "Two Towers VCD". Since I posted this story on the 11th of December 2002, there are 100+ visitors coming here based on these search criterias. If you are looking for it - it is not here! In fact, the legal The Two Towers DVD does not exist yet! And stop stealing people's intellectual properties.

Updated 10 April 2003: So far this year I have over 7,000 people coming to this page, either looking for pirated The Two Towers DVD, or looking for release date of the official DVD. A lot of discussion has been generated, and some of them have hurted myself personally. It is no ground of debating whether copying/buying bootlegged/pirated DVD is right or is wrong, but here is just my blog expressing my own opnions on what has been happening in this world. I have therefore decided to close this blog entry from commenting, and remove all the comments previously written by you guys. There is nothing on when the official DVD is going to come out, or where to download/buy illegal copies.

Updated 24 April 2003: Just in case people are still looking for it... It appeas that the official DVD for the Two Towers will be released on 28 June 2003, and 18 November 2003 for the special edition. Just read that on the Slashdot...