New Category: Webmastery

Actually, I created this new category a few days ago thinking of writing something about websites and things that amuse me as a amateur webmaster, however I have not really had anything in mind that I want to write (busy busy). I work as a software developer, and have great interest in multi-threaded/multi-process application server architecture. However, I am also interested in website design and drawing stuff. Between Vim (text editor for the real programmer, btw) and Photoshop I have chosen the former. However, I still like to work on some website projects if time permits.

I am not good at Photoshop anyway. Can't afford it I'll say, and my unix background leads me to use Gimp even on a Win32 platform. However, there are a lot of graphics design skill that I want to learn but don't have time to do so.

More importantly, instead of focusing on fancy graphics and animating Flash applets, I am also interested in search engine optimisation, which sometimes means plain and simple website. I won't say that I am an expert in the area of SEO, but I can certainly look at a site and say, "don't think the googlebot is going to like this". I am also hoping to write things about SEO and my experiences with it here.

Arrgh. A lot of things I want to do and learn, but still stuck here coding. :(