New Archbishop of Canterbury on Homosexuality

Dr Rowan Williams has officially become the Archbishop of Canterbury. I am not an Anglican, even though I go to an Anglican church, and I am not really sure about the role of Archbishop of Canterbury and how it stands in the Anglican hierarchy. However, from the tone of the another linked story, it seems that the Archbishop of Canterbury is representing the whole Anglican in the wolrd, as he is given authority over the churches, i.e. he is the big head of Anglican church. It does look very high Anglican to me, from the way he is dressed - white robe, or black robe with white collar. Hmmm... Holy man.

However, what disturbs me is his stand on homosexuality and woman ordination. Sydney Anglicans, headed by Archbishop Peter Jensen, certainly have some concern over these issues. Dr. Williams is quoted to say that while hetero practising homo for the sake of variety and gratification is wrong and ungodly, but there are some form of homosexuality that is okay. I wonder whether he got that from the Bible, as I don't think there is a degree of sexual immorality. Adultry/sexual immorality is sin - plain and simple, as 1 Corinthians 6 has stated. How then, can we ordain someone to be the leaders of our churches when we know clearly that he is not following the word of God, as Titus 1 told us how to select leaders in the church. Why then, should we be Pharisees who pick and choose parts of the scriptures that we want to follow, and leave out the hard bits as "intepretation mistakes"?

The church, IMHO, should continue to stand firm in what the Bible has said. Otherwise it might be drifted away from the truth to church traditions, and then we might need another reformation.