Monday Morning Syndrome

Crap. It is Monday morning again.

I usually look forward to Monday mornings, because during the week is really the time that I can have some rest. Many people that I talked to doing lay ministry would agree with me - weekend is really the killer. Especially the Sunday where you will basically work non-stop from morning til night. I woke up at 5:30am yesterday morning, started tidying up the Colossians study that I will be doing with my bible study group in MBF. Then doing printing for the pamphlets and overhead transparency for announcement, for the Myth of Christmas evangelistic event. Church starts at 9:30am, but Vivian got a call from Grace at 9:10am because she has locked herself out from the flat that she had just moved in. We then rushed down to her flat, which is only about 50 metres away from ours, to try to find a solution. Too bad that I am not spiderman nor a rock climber, and I am just getting too unfit these days for spending too much time in the front of computers, I had rejected the idea of climbing up the balcony. At the end we have to ring the locksmith to open the door, even though it is going to cost a fortune on Sunday morning. While waiting for lock smith, I had to rush to the church to tell Daniel, who is MC of the day, that Grace, who is going to read the 1 John passage, that she would not be able to make it, as well as passing the sermon recording equipments to the PA guys. Then I popped in to BP to squeeze out some cash from the ATM, since lock smith is going to cost money. Went back to Grace's place, and the lock smith has not yet arrived. Another 20 minutes passed - okay now he is. Too him about another 15 minutes to open the lock. Vivian and I then have to wait for Grace to change so that we can all go to church together. By the time we all arrived the International Unichurch, it is already 10:40am, and we have missed out 2/3 the sermon. What a morning.

After the church and the Bible study, Vivian and some other guys went to grab some pizza because we have some planning session for the evangelistic meeting next Saturday. We are hoping that eating pizza at uni instead of going out to eat would save us time, but at the end we still finish at the same time at around 3:00pm. At this stage, all of MBF regulars/partners came and sit in Quad G053 to organise for next Saturday's meeting, where we make gifts, cut pamphlets, and trying to get every details sorted out.

That is the bit that frustrates Vivian and me so much. We thought that we have delegate all the tasks 2 weeks ago in the partners' meeting, but yesterday all we get is denial from some of people. Personally I am not a believe of brain storming because I think it is a waste of time. It might be an okay method to come up with ideas, but it totally degrades efficient when it comes to organising things. We would much prefer delegation, and we would like these people to be responsible for what they were delegated to do! However, I found the MBF guys and girls much prefer brain storming because they can then hide. They just want to participate but they don't want to be responsible. No. They are not teenage kids but they are 20+ years old university students/young workers! Yet you just cannot trust them to accomplish assigned tasks. That frustrates me. At the end, Vivian and I have to take up the cleaning up job...

By the time we finished the meeting and came back home, it is nearly 6 already. We then immediately hit our computers. I immediately wrote emails to remind the MBF guys and girls to remember what they are assigned to do, and what tasks need to be done. Upload the announcement to the website, and I have more pamphlets and program outlines to do. By 10pm, I was so tired and have to go to bed. Trying to read Graham Goldsworthly's Gospel and Wisdom on the bed, but could not resist the ... Z z z...

Woke up this morning at 6:00am. Still tired. But I know that I am busy each night this week, either doing bible study with someone or organising programs for this Saturday. Have a huge list of people that I want to call up... That makes me really looking forward to Christ's coming. Gotta go back to get Vivian out from the bed now.