Last MBF Leaders Meeting of 2002

We had our Mandarin Bible Fellowship's last leaders meeting this afternoon at our place. We discussed the summer events for the students during their holidays, Bible studies next year, etc. However, it is quite hot today in Sydney during the day time, and my balcony is facing west so the sun heats up the room in the afternoon. Therefore we started with some ice-cream first. I will just post Vivian and my photos so that we only embarrass ourselves, instead of other MBF leaders :)

Scott Vivian
Scott is eating the ice-cream while reading the agenda. Vivian is finishing the whole box of 4 litre Bulla vanila!

Sounds like we will be working on the gospel according to John next year. We will be spending 13 weeks doing John as Bible study, probably not in one single go. We will also look at 1 Corinthians 8-10 in a practical term. Gotta start writing soon.