Internode Has Just Released Their New ADSL Plan

The overdue by one week updated Internode ADSL plan has just been released this morning at around 9:00am AEST. The Internode MD Simon Hackett announced the upcoming plan a few month ago on Australia's broadband community Whirlpool, and initially the change-over was planned to be during Oct/Nov this year. October passed and so did Novemeber, and while the debate/discussion was still heated on Whirlpool, there was no sign of the new plan. Then at the end of November, SH announced that it will take place on Monday, 9th of December, so people waited - and it is here today!

It gives more download allowance for both Business and Personal ADSL users, and it also decreases the excess rate to be 13.9c/mb. At the same time, it also introduced the new FlatRate plan, which provides fixed monthly cost for the ADSL users, at the expense of quality of service. It is some form of shaping, i.e. reduce the quality of service or effective bandwidth of your link, if you have exceeded the download limit. It is suitable for those who download a lot, aka leechers in the broadband community, who are willing to trade network performance with download quota. However I don't think many people currently subscribed to Internode will fall into this category, as most subscribers I believe are staying because of Internode's performance, instead of their price/download ratio.

How then does this change affect myself? I am on the 512k bronze business plan, and the new plan has doubled the monthly download to 2000Mb at the same price! Well, now I am excited, or maybe I am not. Over the past few months, I struggle to use 500Mb each month, and now I will have even more struggle to use the download allocated to me. Well, maybe I will use the new quota to provide more services here, like the new FOCUS member weblog site. Anyway, I am happy with Internode's service, as always.

The responses from the community, however, is not all pleased. Some people don't think it is revolutionary, as they have waited 3 months for this new plan. Some people prefer lower price on the high speed plans, instead of more downloads. You can't please anyone, can you? We shall see more heated discussions over next few weeks, as more people started rolling into the new plan.