Changes to St. Matthias and International Unichurch

As Phillip Jensen has been named as the new Dean of Sydney, and is moving to the Cathedral, there are a lot of changes to the St. Matthias group of churches. There is no exception to the International Unichurch that I am going to. In today's service, Joshua has briefly announced what will probably happen next year - FOCUS will no longer be part of the St. Matthias group of churches, and a new church group will be formed around the UNSW campus that combines all the university churches together under one umbrella. That will include International Unichurch, University Chinese Church, Unichurch @ UNSW, Asian Australian Bible Church and the current St. Matthias AM church @ UNSW. The new group has not yet had a name yet, but it will be an Anglican church.

It might have already been announced in the previous St. Matthias congregation celebration event, which I did not attend because Vivian and I were overseas. St. Matthias has already been like a home church to me so it gives me a strange feeling when FOCUS has to move on. I believe it must be hard for those who have been in FOCUS for even longer. Andrew Moore from AABC is going to do the wedding, instead of Deryck (Vivian and I were wedded by Deryck). Hopefully the weddings won't be in the Keith Burrow Theatre :)

We have changes every few years. I had a big rant when the International Unichurch moved from Friday night to Sunday morning in 2000, and it seems to be bigger change now. I will hold my breath this time and see what will happen. But whatever happens, may God continue to guide us in the ministry with the students.