The Very First Blog

Hi everyone! This is Scott's very first blog using the Moveable Type weblog backend. This is actually a very nice system, and I am hoping for the next few days I will move my old blogs on the Wiki system to here. It looks nice, generating static HTML, and is very easy to use. Besides, you get to use the full XHTML instead of using simple Wiki markup.

Honestly I don't blog a lot. Sometimes I actually felt guilty that I am too slack to post information on my own website. The playground is gradually gathering traffic - around 100 visitors per day now, and many of them searched for "Christian Jokes".

Actually I won't be able to blog for the next few days. Vivian and I will be travelling to Taiwan and HK for the two weeks to visit family and friends. We'll see...

And I bought the "" domain from GoDaddy today, and I planned to make this domain the main blogger domain for the FOCUS people. Thomas asked me about signing up today, because he wanted a shell account, and a website that he can write his on-line diary. I am thinking, hey, maybe I can provide this kind of service to the people in FOCUS! So I went around shopping for a new domain for this new project, and decided on I then installed Moveable Type, and had played around it for a few minutes. Then here I am!! Lots of plans, little time.