Playground Site Conversion

Well. It is the time of the year again. End of November, beginning of December - and that was when the last incarnation of "Scott Yang's Playground" was created. After the whole year of Wiki, I am starting to get bored of it. I still want a website that capture my thoughts, but I found Wiki might not be the easiest way doing it. It is fine for writing documents, which I might continue using it for that purpose. However, doing a weblog using Wiki is just too much trouble.

I have been using MovableType for the past few weeks, and the result has been great. It is an interesting experience. With a desktop tool w.bloggar, I can fire up the app, write/type something download, and then publish on the web instantly. Now I can say that I have really experienced the power of blogging, and it is so irresistable. Therefore I finally decide that I am going to make another port of the site to MovableType...

Playground is currently getting around 100 visitors a day because it has some already established content. I will take me a while for me to port all the content to blogs so meanwhile I will run MT and Wiki in parallel. We'll see how it goes.