Jesus Christ vs. Windows 95

I found this classy piece of joke on the Internet. It must has been quite dated, as Windows 95 is already a history (not classified as a supported platform by Microsoft anymore). I don't agree with its claim 100%, but well, it is a joke.

Let's compare Windows 95 against another saviour, Jesus of Nazareth, as one claims to be the saviour of humanity, and another one claims to be the saviour of the computer industry.

Jesus Windows 95
Can walk on water Can crawl on a 486.
Sits in judgement at the pearly gates. Will be used to judge Bill Gates.
Started life as a carpenter. Turns perfectly good computers into furniture.
Born in a manger Resembles something found in a barn.
Remembered for protecting the weak. Has weak memory protection.
Was raised from the dead. Was created from Windows 3.1
Jesus performed great works for the multitudes Windows 95 multitasking performance barely works.
Jesus has no sin. Windows 95 has no shame.

Update 5 December 2002: This page has been linked by blogs4God, which is a Christian weblog directory. I think I'll come back to verify what I've said in this weblog entry.

In the entry I said that I don't agree with its claim 100%. While I agree with most the claims of Jesus in this humorous piece, but I don't agree that Jesus is remembered for protecting the weak. In the western non-Christian secular world today, Jesus is remembered by his moral teaching, and how he has helped the weak and healed the sick. However, is that what Jesus should be remembered for? It is really something to think about when the Christmas is getting close, when 2000 years ago the Saviour is born to this world. He has helped the weak, but not just those physically ill or live in poverty. He came to this world to help those who are so helplessly dead in their sin, and have no hope to establish relationship with God. While we were enemies of God he died in our place, says in Romans 5:8, so that we do not need to face the wrath of God. Jesus was not remembered for protecting the weak, although he did do so in his 3-year ministry on this planet earth, but he should be remembered as our Lord and Saviour.