Back from HK/TW Holidays

Okay. I am back from the holidays now. After coming back on a Cathay Pacific flight at 6:45am Eastern Australia time yesterday (Sunday), I quickly wrapped up a slide show presentation for the MBF review/farewell event yesterday. Vivian and I tried to catch up some sleep, and then we rushed off to the church. The review and farewell did not finish until nearly 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and then we had the MBF leaders' meeting until 6:30pm. What a day...

And it is Monday already - getting back to work again. Need more holidays!

Just recieved some ICQ message from an ex-FOCUS friend, Martin from German. He has sent me some updates about his church life after he went back last year. It is quite encouraging to see continue to grow in Christ, and participate in the ministry of his local church. He also reminds me about my news letter writing, which I have not been doing much. Hmm... Getting back to blogging now.