Another Try on FreeBSD 4.7

Got a new 30Gb hard disk for my Inspiron 8000 2 days ago. Partitioned to give 20Gb to the almighty Windows 2000, and I want to install some useful operating systems on the rest. Yesterday I downloaded the FeeBSD 4.7-RELEASE from Internode's mirror, and was prepared to install it. I've not tried FreeBSD for more than 2 years - I think the last time I used it was installing 3.2 on a K6-200. Anyway, I gave it a try again last night to sharpen up my real unix skillz. It went installed smoothly but did not pick up any hardware. After some tweaking I got XFree86 and ESS soundcard to work. However, there is one major problem - no network. The inspiron has this Xircom Cardbus Ethernet card, and FreeBSD 4.7 just refuses to pick it up. After researching the news group and google, I came to one conclusion - FreeBSD 4 does not support 32-bit cardbus properly! That was a big D'OH in my head, and I do not want to go down to 5-CURRENT. Hmm... I guess I will go back to Mandrake.