Eric and Christina's Wedding

Just came back from Eric and Christina's wedding reception. I'll give my best wishes to both of them here! It was a Christian/Anglican wedding this morning, and the message presented by Rev John Warner is actually a bit evangelistic. The reading was from Song of Songs and 1 Corinthians 13, however John presented 1Co13 in the way that the earth love actually cannot achieve what has been described in these verses. Instead, God has shown us his love through his son Jesus, and the love we have in marriage on this earth simply models after what God has shown.

I'm not sure whether Eric and Christina are Christians, but I do hope they can continue going to church and make the right decision for themselves.

I got to go to sleep now - day light saving starting tomorrow, which means I will loose one hour of sleep. Moreover, I still have not finished the Bible studies that I supposed to write.