Asian Club 5 2002 - What Would Jesus Do

Vivian and I spent our long weekend at Asian Club 5, and we came back yesterday afternoon from Merroo. There are just so many things that I need to digest through - mainly on my Christian ministry decisions. A bit stressed and confused at the moment about what I want to do, what the church(es) want me to do, and what God wants me to do. Aarrgghh!! It is good to come back to work today as it provides me rest which I usually don't have during the weekend because of all the Christian ministry Vivian and I have to deal with. I surely need sometimes to pray through some of the things...

Besides brian damages, Club 5 was good. I met up with quite a few old faces - those went through uni and Campus Bible Study together with me, and I also met up some new faces. It's great to see everyone is still hanging together, and many of them are thinking about full-time ministry. At the same time I also learnt about the lack of resource in the Chinese churches around Sydney. We might be busy here in FOCUS UNSW, but we are relatively resourceful comparing with some Chinese churches. There is a demand for more workers in the harvest, but can we fulfil it?

Phillip Jensen preached on What Would Jesus Do - a motto that has been used so much around the world, in both Christian and non-Christian circles. However, the challenge given by Phillip helped me to look at this phrase more carefully. We can't just guess what would Jesus do, without looking at what did Jesus do.

What Would Jesus Do?

Lay down his life for the salvation of the others.

This phrase was challenged to be asked in the everyday decisions we make. However the Bible did not really tell us what Jesus would do in these situations. Bible did not say whether Jesus would choose a Whooper over a Big Mac, and neither did it say that Jesus would help an old lady to cross the road. Therefore, at the beginning of this series of talks, we were challenged to look at what did Jesus do instead.

In Mark 8, Jesus' disciples recognised him as the Christ, the Messiah, but they saw only the label without understanding what this Christ came to do. Jesus came not as a noble teacher, nor did he came as a miracle worker/healer. Jesus came to save lives, and he did that by laying down his life on the cross, so that many will be saved. To be Jesus' disciple, you need to deny yourselves, and carry his cross daily.

In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul challenged us to imitate him, as he is imitating Christ. What then does he mean by imitating Christ? By laying down his life for the salvation of the others. This is exactly what Paul was doing - by preaching the gospel to the gentiles, he gave up himself to the work of ministry. At the end he was martyred because he has layed down his life for the salvation of the others.

Finally we looked at Hebrews 12:1-3, where the author of Hebrews exhorted us to run/finish the race. However we have Jesus as an example before us, who has seen the glory ahead of him so that he endured the cross. We too have seen the glory and hope we will share with Christ in the future, and let's run with endurance the race marked out for us!

If Jesus is here today in the 21st century, what would Jesus do? He will still do the same. Laying down his life for the salvation of the others.