Moore Spot

Got an email from Anna a while ago, and I think I must put it somewhere otherwise I might loose it. Okay, I'll just drop it here then...

Have you ever thought about illustrations to describe Jesus' saving act of rescuing us from sin and death? This week my doctrine lecturer shared with us a great animal story...

It is a story of a fish, a monkey and a cat.

When the mother fish was facing a dangerouse situation she saves her baby fish by swiming away from the danger, that is leading by example for the baby fish to follow.

The monkey, on the other hand, would place her baby on her back and run, while the baby monkey hold on tight.

While the cat would pick up her kitten by the scruff of its neck (the loose skin around the neck) and run with the kitten in her mouth.

Which of these do you think best represent God's activity in saving us?

  • Did Jesus come as an example for us to follow?
  • Or was Jesus' sacrifice sufficient only as we hold on?
  • Or are we so dead in our sins that unless God acted to save us there is nothing we can do to save ourselves?