Dead Athlon MP

Just got out from the Pacific Internet data centre this morning to fix the company server. Apparently one of the dual Athlon MP died, and that caused the whole box to hang (and very bad smell as well). I am sure one of those E10k or zServer won't have that problem - the whole box will probably still work even when one CPU dies. But you can probably buy 500 dual Athlon boxes with the price of one E10k. Well....

Anyway, I took off one CPU and now it boots. Everything seems to be fine now. I will try to go to the distributor to get a replacement CPU.

Btw, the staff at the Pacific Internet (Mark I think it is his name) is very friendly, and helped me with a few different problems. Support staffs in Pacific in general are very knowledgable (in comparison with the TLS support staffs I've talked to). I'll recommend them for co-location boxes. I took a photo of the burnt Athlon MP.

Burnt Athlon MP