Bible Study Preparation on Ezekiel 36-37

Mandarin Bible Fellowship will be working through Ezekiel 36-37 in the Bible studies on 8th, 15th and 22nd of September, 2002. Scott, Jack and Boon Yong will be writing the Bible studies, and this space on the web shall be the blackboard for Scott's thoughts and ideas on preparing this series of Bible studies.

Instead of doing a study on the whole book of Ezekiel, which might be a lengthy reading of 48 chapters for 3 studies, I am thinking of taking the core ideas from 36:16-37:28, and then does a biblical theology study. As Ezekiel 36:16-38 is probably the summary of the whole book, we can use it as the spring board to look at other passages in Ezekiel and other parts of the Bible. Moreover, it will be good to put on the New Testament glasses at the end of the study to see how things have been fulfiled in the last days.

All the quotes from the Bible are coming from the World English Bible.



Ezekiel 35:1-36:15 is one oracle from God to Ezekiel ("Moreover the word of Yahweh came to me, saying..."), and it will probably enough to give us some introduction to what we are going to study later, which I think will be 36:16-37:28. In chapter 35, Ezekiel prophesied against Edom (Mt Seir in 35:2) because of what they have done in Israel's trouble. The passage is quite similar to Obadiah, which we have done last year (??). In 36:1-15, Ezekiel then prophesied comfort and support for the Israelites. For example, they will come back home from the exile (36:8) and they will prosper (36:11).

We may also begin at Ezek. 36:1-15. This is an oracle of comfort and restoration. This chapter is contrasted with Ezek. 6, where similar words have been used1. But instead of prophesying 'against the mountains', Ezekiel has been commanded to prophesy 'to the mountains'. The same preposition has been used in both 'against' and 'to'. The subsequent contexts inform the reader which translation to be used. In Ezek. 6-11