Sysadmin, Privacy and Securing Emails

I saw an article on Icon today (usually I don't read the Icon section in the Sydney Morning Herald) that talks about how system administrators of ISP's read their customers' emails and files. I am quite surprised that this Garry sysadmin actually claimed that many people are invading others' privacy, pirating software and sending hate-mails using their sysadmin priviledge. From my experience - these people do exist, but not like the way he described. Anyway, I found it is an article to show your average IT manager about the importance to use encryption in the emails. I (or actually also Andrew at work) have been trying to convince our clients to use PGP to send sensitive information. However, most of them rejected the idea because PGP is too hard to use! Then they suggested us to use this Norton encryption thing that uses only a 32-bit key. Well, you probably cannot secure your messages from NSI (who knows whether they have already got your secret keys), but they CANNOT even secure your stuff from a 10 year-old skr1p7 k1dd13 using that Norton thing! (We did broke it in less than 36 hours)

At the end, security and privacy might still belong to the technical inclined, but people do need education.