Lots of Work in MBF

The first International Unichurch this session - and there are just so many new people I need to catch up with! Just within the Mandarin Bible Fellowship, there are around 20 new faces from either China and Taiwan, and majority of them are non-Christians. Because me and Vivian this year are taking care of the new comers' group, it is just too hard for us to talk to all of them. At the end, we have to borrow Ling Hong and Daniel from the English Speaking Fellowship to run another group in MBF.

Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese are quite different when they first encountered Christianity, and they have quite a different background. Mainland Chinese are brought up as atheist - there is no God. Whereas Taiwanese have a big buffet of Gods - temples, idols everywhere on the street. But they have both rejected that true God who created everything, and everyone needs repentence and forgiveness from God.

The question now: how can I help them to know about the Gospel. God will help.