Christmas Eve 2001

Merry Christmas everyone! Sydney/Australia is burning hot today, and we have never had snowy X'mas before. Instead of chilli-cold white snow flake coming down from the sky, there are actually quite a lot of bush fire around Sydney recently. Lucky that I don't have to dress up to work :)

The whole city (or the whole world?) has been getting lazy for the last couple of days because of the holiday season, and today everyone is basically out of office by 4pm. We will have tomorrow and Wednesday as public holidays, and back to work on Thursday (27th). Mean while, we should not forget what the Christmas is all about, as many people today only recognise it as the day of Santa Claus, gifts, family gathering and partying.

I went to the Carol @ St. Matthias last night. The singing was only okay because we sat next to the musicians, and I could not hear much besides trumpet blowing! However, the message from Al Stewart is actually quite challenging. During Christmas season, people put their focus on Santa, shopping, holidays and other worldly thinking, but leave the gospel message aside - it is exceptly what has happened 2000 years ago when Jesus was born. When everyone in that region were busy doing the census of Caesar Augustus, here came the saviour of the whole world in a lowly manger...