Christmas Day 2001

There are many things happening on the Christmas day. My server box rebooted this morning because of a possible power failure. I went to the church this morning for the X'mas service @ St. Matthias. Afterwards, I went to the Claydon park (around Ramsgate) for picnic with the guys and gals of the Mandarin Bible Fellowship. We read through the first two chapters of Luke (in Mandarin) to give us some idea what was it like 2000 years ago when Jesus was born, and I gave a short talk on the importance of X'mas to us Christians.

After about 2:30pm, the south-west sky started turns yellow, and then all the smoke came from the Wollongong directory. Bush Fire! We went back home, and soon the whole Eastern Suburb was covered by smoke and ashes. I actually took some photos on the sydney sky line after bush fire. Well, hopefully everyone will have a safe (and meaningful) Christmas.

Here are some of the photos I took in the afternoon of 25th of December 2001, where we just had a pretty bad bush fire in Sydney. I went for a picnic on the day (around the Rockdale/Ramsgate area), and after 3pm, the sky is covered with smoke and ashes... At least it smells like smoke! These picture were taken at around 6pm at my home in Kingsford.

I am standing on the 3rd floor, facing south west towards Botany Bay. Doesn't look very health here...
This is facing north west, and it looks a bit better. According to Zzz from BlueSkyBBS, St. Leonard definitely smells better. You can also barely see the Sydney Tower/Centre Point Tower/AMP Tower (whatever it is called now) on the sky line behind all the apartments.
The red, dull and round'ish object in the middle of sky is actually the sun.